Fundraising Checklist


The ‘Fundraiser Checklist’ has been designed for those who are looking for a detailed step-by-step summary of the fundraiser process. It is recommended that you prepare for each segment in steps before it takes place and check off each item within that segment as it is completed.


  1. Before the Kickoff (Create Anticipation!): 
  • Announce the date for the kick off several times before the actual date. 
  • Advertise the fundraiser by talking about:
    • What are you going to be selling
    • What the prizes and incentives will be
    • What the purpose for the sale is 
  • Send a ‘fundraiser coming soon’ note/letter home to parents 
  • Make arrangements to have the principal introduce the fundraiser to the students and explain why it is important that they get involved. Make sure that they also wrap up the kick off with some closing comments.
  1. During the Sale (Make is Count!)
  • Make sure that all prize posters and flyers have been replaced in key areas around the school (i.e. front office area, cafeteria, gym, hallways etc.) 
  • Remind your students daily to sell to neighbors, family, friends, as well as having family members take the brochure to work. 
  • Incorporate Daily Prize Drawings to further increase sales. 
  • Reinforce the collection of money at the same time that the orders are being taken. 
  • Send home theMid-Sale Reminder Notice.
  1. Before the Sale Ends (Prepare Everyone for Wrap-up!):  
  • The day after theMid-Sale Fundraiser Reminder Notice’ goes home, start announcing to the students to work with their parents to start preparing their order forms and money for ‘Collection Day’ 
  • Make sure that the parents are told to tally up their orders and report the total money ‘due’ at the bottom of the order form. The money ‘received’ must match the total amount ‘due’.
  • Remind your students that their completed order forms need to be turned in along with their money collected.
  1. Before you submit your Order Forms (Organization is Key!) 
  • Have well-defined safe and secured area as well as a large table designated for counting money and organizing order forms. 
  • Secure the money by depositing it in your bank account as quickly as possible. 
  • Attempt to have 2-4 reliable people to help count money and sort order forms. 
  • Double-check to make sure that the money ‘received’ matches up with amount ‘due’ on the order forms.   
  • Any late orders that come in past a certain point will be processed separately as a late order and may be subject to an additional shipping charge.
  1. Preparing for Delivery (Make Sure Everyone Knows!)
  • Arrange for at least 3-6 volunteers to assist in setting up orders inside location for ease of distribution. 
  • Make copies of the reminder letter and send them home to remind the parents about delivery day.
  1. Delivery (Get the Orders Home!) 
  • Distribute to the students and/or parents. 
  • Make sure that all orders are checked by parents or by organization prior to leaving. 
  • Have a sign-out sheet confirming that their order has been checked.

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